Individualized Service To Solve Your Legal Problems

Any legal problem can seem overwhelming. Legal problems can arise without warning. An arrest, family law problem or medical emergency can bring significant turmoil to your life. In other situations, many individuals struggle with a family law problem, estate planning concern or other legal issue for a period of time before deciding to consult with an attorney.

At Nary, Norris & Associates, PA, we are dedicated to helping real people solve their real problems efficiently to reduce the financial and emotional toll — but never at the expense of our clients' rights. Because we are a full-service law firm, we are able to help clients with all their legal needs. After developing a relationship with us, you will not need to find a new lawyer if another legal matter arises. Located in Durham, New Hampshire, our law firm represents clients throughout Strafford County and surrounding areas including the seacoast region.

How We Are Different

The lawyers at Nary, Norris & Associates, PA, bring real-world experience to the legal profession. Our partners each worked their way through law school after holding careers in other areas. We understand the emotional complications legal issues bring to a family, and we work with clients to address that. To us, legal counsel includes both strong legal representation and an attentiveness to a person's well-being during the process.

To achieve results, we will take the time to understand all of the relevant details surrounding your legal problem. You deserve to have a lawyer who will put your interests first.