Protecting Families With Skilled Estate Planning And Administration

Most people understand the importance of having an estate plan in place. However, it is often a matter that individuals put off for some day in the future. When individuals decide to create a plan, they frequently find great satisfaction, relief and peace of mind from knowing that their family is protected by the important guidance that estate planning tools provide.

The compassionate lawyers at Nary, Norris & Associates, PA, in Durham, New Hampshire, understand the reluctance that many individuals have about planning for the unexpected. We have guided many men and women through the estate planning process. Our firm provides comprehensive services to provide families with well-drafted, well-prepared instruments and documents to serve their most important interests.

Our lawyers are skilled in all aspects of estate planning and probate matter, including:

  • Advice and guidance concerning wills, trusts and estate planning tools — No two estate plans are the same. We strive to understand our clients' unique interests to select the most appropriate estate planning tools to achieve the desired results. Our wills and trusts lawyers draw on years of experience and our financial acuity to provide personalized plans for each client.
  • Personalized representation in elder law matters — Our compassionate lawyers help clients address elder law matters proactively. The health care and Medicaid laws involve an ever-changing landscape. We believe advance planning in elder care choices is critical. However, our law firm is dedicated to solving real-world problems for real people. We will work hard to individualize our legal counsel and representation to obtain the best results possible, tailored to your unique situation.
  • Thorough legal assistance in estate administration — After the death of a loved one, families may be overwhelmed when it comes time to administer an estate. Our experienced attorneys are prepared to take the burden of estate and probate administration off of your shoulders.
  • Compassionate representation resolving probate disputes — When disputes arise, our attorneys provide strive to resolve disputes efficiently through negotiations. Our trial lawyers, however, will stand strong in probate litigation to protect your rights.

It is never too early to plan for the future. Whether you need help creating powers of attorney, a last will and testament, a trust, advance directives or a complex estate plan to protect your legacy, our lawyers are here to provide strategic guidance to give you peace of mind. To request a free consultation with a compassionate lawyer, send us an email or call 603-397-0137. We represent clients throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts.