Wills And Trusts

Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning Attorneys in Durham, NH

Do you have a will? If you are like most people, when it comes to planning for the unexpected future...procrastination or alienation and avoidance are very common responses. If you don't take some simple steps to plan for your family's future, the state will do the planning for you and it very well may not be what you intended!

Getting started on a will at Nary Norris & Associates is as easy as answering a short questionnaire! Let us thoughtfully walk you through the process of basic estate planning one easy step at a time. Our attorneys will help you craft a will that distributes your personal property, assets, and real estate as you desire. If you have minor children, we will help you set up provisions for guardianship and a testamentary trust if necessary.

Revocable or Living Trusts can be used for many different reasons including the avoidance of probate. Getting started on a trust is simple.As always, we offer a free consultation to get the process started, very affordable prices and we offer a family discount when doing more than one will for your family. Please contact our firm to begin the estate planning process.

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