Addressing Post-Divorce Modifications With Integrity

Life after divorce frequently involves changes in circumstances. The needs of children can change substantially over time. Child custody arrangements and parenting plans may require modification due to significant changes in the home of one or both parents. Changes in income may make a child support or alimony order unworkable. When substantial changes occur after divorce, it may be tempting to work through the problem without returning to court. However, the court's final decree remains in effect and is enforceable.

Child Custody, Parenting Time, Child Support And Alimony Modifications

The attorneys at Nary, Norris & Associates, PA, in Durham, New Hampshire, are well-equipped to evaluate your new circumstances and provide solid guidance in resolving post-divorce disputes. Our practical approach to resolving family law disputes is aimed at solving the problem as efficiently as possible to allow our clients to move on with the least amount of pain. However, we take decisive action in post-divorce matters to safeguard the rights of our clients and their children.

We represent clients in all manner of divorce decree modification and enforcement disputes, including:

  • Child support modification based on changes in income of one or both parents
  • Child support enforcement actions to obtain past-due payments
  • Contempt and enforcement actions to ensure that our clients get the time with their children that they are entitled to under an existing order
  • Modification of custody, including in matters involving concerns about the well-being of a child related to a parent's alcohol or drug abuse, neglect or other serious issues
  • Relocations or move-aways
  • Alimony modifications

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